"I think Dan Jameson is one of the most musically gifted people that I have ever come across, but he took a

road much less traveled

and that's why he stands out." 

       - Phil Cohen of (NCC) New Covenant Christian Church.

Out of one of the most uncommon places for a CCM songwriter to emerge, Dan Jameson delivers powerful messages and a personal story that is anything but ordinary. Having drawn comparisons to artists in contemporary gospel, pop and country music, yet possessing a style uniquely his own, Jameson began singing and playing instruments when he was a young child. 

Born and raised in a small northern New England town, Jameson grew up in a blue collar family with one older sibling.  His mother, a former catholic nun, and his father, a laborer, introduced Jameson to faith at an early age.  This foundation helped him to develop resiliency and handle the challenges he would later face attempting to break through as a Christian songwriter in the most spiritually malnourished region of the U.S.  

At age 13, Jameson taught himself to play several instruments, while also playing in his junior high and high school jazz bands. Both his middle school and high school music teachers sought him out.  They also commented that Jameson had a gifted musical ear that was unlike any they had ever come across before.

By age 16, in his first ever audition for the All- State music festival, Jameson placed in the top five vocalists, singing a classical opera style performance before a panel of highly selective judges. He began writing songs as a teenager and, at age 19, won a free recording session after entering a songwriting competition.  Though he spent many Sundays leading worship, Jameson also wanted to reach beyond the church walls to those who had never known faith.  As part of this effort, he performed at small cafés, but was hard-pressed to find other venues that would actually allow original music, especially in the Christian genre.  As Jameson explains,  "There wasn't a single radio station that broadcasted CCM where I grew up, and you didn't have Internet radio yet either," says Jameson.  Though he felt tempted to quit under these circumstances, he explains how something would suddenly happen that changed his mind. "I would get this burst of inspiration and new ideas were just sort of effortlessly coming out...you know...one right after the next.  I gravitated toward writing and loved worship, but..,musically, I didn't always love the songs at church and...that's definitely still true today.  It's probably even more true today," says Jameson.  

While a sophomore in college, Jameson began feeling a strong sense that his education alone could never fulfill his life's purpose. At the suggestion of a faculty member, Jameson joined the NACA organization, where he served as a stage hand for a number of major performers such as actor and comedian Jay Mohr, rock band, Blessid Union of Souls and former Indiana-based group, The Elms. He also formed a band of his own, where he sang for a secular music festival crowd of over 50,000 attendees, but spent most of his time serving in church and developing his relationship with God.  One of the most interesting parts of Jameson's story is that he never gave up on the value of taking a grassroots approach.  In fact, he held out from jumping on the social media train.  

Jameson says it was communication with God that brought him to a pivotal moment in his life.  He holds fast to the belief that spending time in prayer and having unwavering persistence really helped him overcome obstacles and make important decisions. More importantly, Jameson never attributes success to luck. Instead, he credits patience, perseverance and trust in God’s will.  Jameson says, "We may live in a complicated world, but there is no reason to complicate the way God works. I think it's so important to live in the present. We all struggle with that. In hard times we want a quick fix, instead of pressing on for wisdom and discernment."  Another thing that defines Jameson is that he wasn’t molded into a writer. He was the kid in school that got high marks for creative writing. Critical of his work, he would spend a lot more time on stories, often developing them further than what the assignment called for. His public school classmates would ask him if he liked what they wrote. “I don’t know why kids would ask for my opinion,” says Jameson. “I used to say, '"Yeah ok, but if I love it and the teacher gives you an F, don't look at me,'” laughs Jameson.  


In an age when musical originality can be scarce, feedback on Jameson speaks for itself.  As one worship pastor commented, "I think Dan Jameson is one of the most musically gifted people that I have ever come across, but he took a road much less traveled and that's why he stands out" (Phil Cohen of (NCC) New Covenant Christian Church).  Raw ability, creative passion and continuous improvement are at the forefront of who he is.  That said, it comes as no surprise that he would have such a wealth of unreleased material.  These days, collaboration is also something Jameson says he's longing for.  It seems that bringing people together is something he really enjoys. "For me, it isn't about affecting one generation," says Jameson, "it's about really connecting with people of all ages and encouraging personal relationships with God and each other through song. Beyond that, my hearts desire is to be a living example outside of church walls.  I think that kind of example is the best sermon there is."

Aside from his love of writing music, Jameson enjoys many hobbies and spending time with his wife, Elizabeth and sons, Joshua and Elijah. You can learn more about Dan Jameson or get booking information by sending an email request to: dan@danjameson.com

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