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//  Origin:  New England, USA
//  Genres:  Various/Christian
//  Active Bookings:  Churches, Organizations, Special Events, Retreats, Missions, Weddings, Benefit Events, Community Events and Revivals and many others    
//  Label:  Unsigned
//  Website:
Short Bio

Born and raised in a small northern New England town, Jameson grew up in a blue collar family with one older sibling.  His mother, a former Catholic nun, had taken a vow of poverty at age 16 and left the United States.  She traveled across the globe over many years before returning to the U.S. where she met Jameson's father, who worked as a laborer.  Both introduced Jameson to faith at an early age.  This foundation helped him to develop resiliency and handle the challenges he would later face attempting to break through as a Christian songwriter in the most spiritually malnourished region of the U.S.  




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Booking: For Churches, Organizations, Events |

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"Dear Dan, God has truly gifted you in leading people in worship and into the presence of God.  Thank you again for everything!"  

-  Pastor Mike Leonzo- Living Water Community Church,  Harrisburg, PA

"Dan, It was great having you at Mozarts!   We get a lot of college students from the University...most of them with a limited attention span, but you really grabbed their interest and, most surprisingly, with your own originals."   

-  John Wilson, Mozarts Coffee Roasters, Austin, TX     

"Hey Dan, I've never heard anybody play and sing like you. You really blessed us not only on Sunday, but at the coffeehouse too.  I've had a lot of people asking about you.  Thanks for lifting us up!         

-  Rev. Jim King, Church of the Holy Spirit, Portland, ME

“Dan, you sounded amazing and the lyrics really touched my heart. Your song brought tears to my eyes...not just because of the words, but because of the passion I saw on your face as you sang it.”

– Debra Peachey, Springfield, MO

“Hey Dan, what a great concert!  Your gift brings tears of joy to my eyes and a smile to my face.  The Lord sure knows all you’ve done and will continue doing, and I’m sure you’re making Him smile too!”

-  Jessica Belanger, Bloomington, Ill

“Hi Dan,  I was expecting a little worship at CR, but ended up with

whole lot more.  You sure can sing my man.   Hearing your story also changed the way I look at my faith.”   Come back to Maryland again


-  Barry Johnson- Celebrate Recovery, Hagerstown, MD 
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